Flyleaf premiere new album “Between The Stars” at Yahoo Music!

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From Yahoo Music:

Fans of rock band Flyleaf have been eager to share in the group’s changing history, most notably of recent times the departure of original vocalist Lacey Sturm following the band’s third full length album. Flyleaf has a new singer, Kristen May, and is poised to release a new set, Between The Stars, on September 16.

Flyleaf Yahoo Music

Yahoo Music is excited to premiere the first listen to the entire album one week before it hits the streets, and the band is equally excited about their new music.

“The creation of Between The Stars was exhilarating and emotional. We delved uninhibited into the music and lyrics realizing the awesome empowerment and releasing the heavy burdens that lie hidden in deep corners of our hearts,” notes lead guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya.

Vocalist May adds further insight: “We explored the idea of the attraction or magnetism you can feel with someone you love; how incredibly powerful that force of nature can be. Even if you’re apart, you still feel them as if they are right by your side. They can fill up the dark parts in you.

“They remind you why you’re living, make you happier than anyone else and inspire you with a glance. It’s pretty incredible when you realize the power we have to love and be loved as humans and how we can feel so drawn or attracted to that object of our affection. It’s a gift.”

“If you could’ve been a ‘fly on the wall’ with Flyleaf during the past several years, you may have noticed that making music in the studio can be very rewarding, but the material created eventually becomes just data on a drive or disk somewhere,” notes bassist Pat Seals. “You can fall in love with that data, that song, by yourself, but that love can only be so deep.

“Our music blossoms in the truest sense only when Flyleaf’s fans reflect their meaning, their emotion, their depth of experience off it at a live show.”

Between The Stars - Flyleaf