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BILL NERSHI (guitars and vocals)
MICHAEL KANG (mandolin, violin, guitar and vocals)
KEITH MOSELEY (bass & vocals)
MICHAEL TRAVIS (drums and percussion)
KYLE HOLLINGSWORTH (keyboards & vocals)
JASON HANN (percussion)

For a band like THE STRING CHEESE INCIDENT it’s odd to think that, 20 years into a remarkable career, their ninth album–and first studio album in nine years–would really epitomize what their sound is.  But that’s the message with SONG IN MY HEAD, the band’s new album, out April 29 on SCI Fidelity Records/Loud & Proud Records.  SONG IN MY HEAD was produced by Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads and includes 10 new songs written collaboratively by the group over the past nine years.  Their friend Zac Brown and his band lend vocals to “Colorado Bluebird Sky,” the lead-off track.

SONG IN MY HEAD is perhaps the band’s tightest and most skillful yet. After years of feeling more like live players than studio musicians, the band members finally tapped into the skill that two decades’ worth of performing brings. There’s also an overarching sense of joy and renewed passion throughout. “Stylistically, the album feels like the most modern expression of our music,” drummer Michael Travis says. “We continue to be the newest version of our expanding stylistic interest. This album feels more genuinely us. It’s everything we’ve learned about making an album.”  Check out a promotional video for the album here.

THE STRING CHEESE INCIDENT, formed in the Colorado mountain ski towns of Crested Butte and Telluride in 1993, has built on those 20 years of experience to become the musicians they are today.  Over those years, the band–BILL NERSHI (guitars and vocals), MICHAEL KANG (mandolin, violin, guitar and vocals), KEITH MOSELEY (bass & vocals), MICHAEL TRAVIS (drums and percussion), KYLE HOLLINGSWORTH (keyboards & vocals) and JASON HANN (percussion)–has played over 1,500 shows, including their own festivals and happenings across the country and they have been hailed for their commitment to musical creativity and integrity, community spirit, philanthropic endeavors and their innovative approach to the business of music.

In December of 2012, after some time spent pursuing other endeavors, the musicians went into a rehearsal studio in Boulder, the Colorado city they’ve called home since the early days of the band. Although they initially went in to practice for a series of upcoming tour dates, the band decided to use the time to record a few tracks.  The band had performed much of the material  live, but it had not yet been recorded.  Inspiration was immediate and the experience was notably enjoyable–a sensibility they felt has been missing previously in the studio.  “We hadn’t recorded for so long that we had all these songs that we liked,” Bill Nershi says. “We were learning them live and playing them out, but none of them had been recorded. We just decided that we needed to get some of these songs down.”  Keith Moseley adds, “Once we started recording rehearsals, we realized, ‘Okay, this is gonna be easy.  We knew we had some good tunes. And we were on to some good arrangements. The project really started picking up momentum once we actually got started.”  With the help of producer Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads to tighten up the songs, the band recorded an album that, as Nershi says, “really sounds like us—maybe more so than any of the other albums that we’ve done.”

THE STRING CHEESE INCIDENT continues their extensive touring schedule, with several festival performances confirmed. See below for a list of confirmed dates, more will be added. Check out this live video from the band’s 2013 New Year’s Eve show at 1stBank Center in Broomfield, CO:

Song In My Head - The String Cheese Incident
Track Listing for SONG IN MY HEAD:
1. Colorado Bluebird Sky ft./Zac Brown Band
2. Betray the Dark
3. Let’s Go Outside
4. Song In My Head
5. Struggling Angel
6. Can’t Wait Another Day
7. So Far From Home
8. Rosie
9. Stay Through
10. Colliding