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About Loud & Proud Records

Loud & Proud Records is an independent record label whose mission is to provide a true partnership between artists and their label. Loud & Proud boasts a diverse collection of established, veteran artists in the rock and jam genres, as well as developing artists in the same vein. Labels under Lipsky’s direction in the past included CMC International, Sanctuary Records Group and a joint-venture with Roadrunner Records, all of which employed a similar philosophy and collection of artists, ranging from Robert Plant, KISS, and Iron Maiden to Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band, and Widespread Panic. Loud & Proud Records is distributed worldwide by ADA, a Warner Music Company and is marketed outside North America by International Solutions.

Tom Lipsky – Owner & President

Sword_Photography_A116_0198_300px_Sq_WEB“The music industry is relationship driven. So the best moments are when you can share in the success.”

For Tom Lipsky, success is personal. During his time as the label head of CMC International (a joint venture with BMG Entertainment), Sanctuary and most recently Loud & Proud Records, his achievements never stemmed from number-crunching or endlessly chasing “the next new thing.” They have come from working with veteran artists and developing lasting relationships, some spanning decades.

This is why you might find Lipsky and his wife celebrating their 25th anniversary at a Lynyrd Skynyrd record release party, or Lipsky setting himself at the side of the stage during a show, just to watch. Because, to him, artists are friends, not just clients.

Under Lipsky’s direction, a wide range of veteran artists — including Neil Young, Lynyrd Skynyrd, KISS, The Allman Brothers Band, Rob Zombie, Styx, Judas Priest, Bad Company, Megadeth, Rush, Lenny Kravitz and Widespread Panic — have achieved great success (in many cases including Gold and Platinum records) long after the record industry had seemingly moved on.

During his tenure as Owner/President of CMC International Records, and later as President & CEO of Sanctuary Records Group North America, Lipsky was inspired by diversity. He was able to develop an environment in which one week the label was launching a new album by Iron Maiden, the next week Tegan & Sara, then Morrissey, then Earth, Wind & Fire. Lipsky has always relied on his sharp instinct to identify opportunities with artists who are constant, relevant, and determined to add new chapters to their already stellar careers.

“These artists already have strong fanbases,” says Lipsky, talking from his home in North Carolina (a true road warrior, Lipsky will spend any given month commuting between NC, New York, Nashville and Los Angeles). “They’re underappreciated by current record labels. I’m about extending their careers. And we’ve developed new ways to do that.”

CMC and Sanctuary each became one of the top grossing labels in the BMG and BMG-Sony Distribution systems. Lipsky is confident the same will be achieved by Loud & Proud under its new home at ADA. Originally a joint venture with the hard rock label Roadrunner Records, the new L&P — currently distributed worldwide by ADA Distribution, a division of Warner Music Group — is firmly under Lipsky’s control, which means new opportunities.

“It’s creative freedom for me,” he says. “I pick the artists, and they can be veteran or emerging artists, singer-songwriter, metal, R&B, or country… whoever inspires; artists with commercial potential and real integrity. We create a scalable model, depending on who we’re working with… something a big label can’t necessarily do.”

In that sense, Lipsky has moved L&P away from a traditional label model and more into an even partnership with artists. Everybody he signs enters into a 50-50 agreement, and they work together on just one record at a time.

But one thing that hasn’t changed: an open door policy, for everyone. Lipsky is available, 24/7, for managers, employees, and most importantly, to the artists themselves.

“I call our relationships ‘true and transparent’,” says Lipsky. “These artists are trusting me with their work. So I take that relationship seriously.”

For Lipsky, that’s an idea that has never changed.

Madelyn Scarpulla – General Manager

Madelyn ScarpullaMadelyn Scarpulla, General Manager, Loud & Proud Records, has enjoyed an illustrious career in the music business, having held senior positions at five major record labels, a major artist management company, a major-market radio station, and two independent labels. Scarpulla’s history is brimming with countless success stories in marketing and creative services, radio promotion, publicity, and non-traditional business development. She has worked with a wide range of artists in various genres, including Nickelback, Lenny Kravitz, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Young the Giant, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, KISS, INXS, Slipknot, Earth Wine & Fire, John Mellencamp, Ray J, and Morrissey.

Scarpulla’s current responsibilities as General Manager of Loud & Proud Records include designing marketing, sales, advertising, and promotion strategies, and originating creative material and content for the entire diverse Loud & Proud roster. She also manages all label operations, liases with ADA Distribution, and connects directly with artists and managers. Scarpulla also strategizes closely with Owner & President Tom Lipsky to lead Loud & Proud into the future as a multi-genre artist-friendly label environment for veteran and emerging artists of all levels and status.

Scarpulla began her career at WIYY Radio in Baltimore, MD. She transitioned to radio promotion at Polygram Records in Washington, DC, before relocating to New York City as Product Manager for PolyGram where she worked with KISS, Tears For Fears, The Scorpions, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, and many more. Her career includes management (John Mellencamp, KIX), and stints in marketing and sales at Arista, Mercury, Columbia, and Atlantic.

As Senior Vice President, Marketing for Sanctuary Records Group, she reported to Tom Lipsky on such diverse projects as KISS, Robert Plant, Morrissey, The Allman Brothers, and Tegan & Sara. She also oversaw Music World Entertainment releases such as Ray J, Earth Wind & Fire and Kool & The Gang. Scarpulla left Sanctuary in 2006 to become Senior Vice President of Marketing & Creative Services at Roadrunner Records, a position she held for seven years before joining Lipsky at Loud & Proud Records.

Scarpulla has a strong commitment to mentorship, making teaching a central tenet of her work ethic. Throughout her career, she groomed several assistants, coordinators, and interns into successful music industry executives, many of whom hold VP titles today. Scarpulla is also on the Grammy Awards’ annual screening committee for pop/rock/R&B formats. She is a voting member of the Recording Academy.

Paolo d’Alessandro – Head Of International Marketing

PaoloFrench born but with an Italian passport, raised in the US, Canada and 5 other countries following his family, Paolo was poised for an international career from the onset. Fluency in 5 languages secured him his first music industry international job in the early nineties as Business Affairs Manager at Italian indie label Flying Records. He moved to BMG Publishing and was later called to run Dutch record label affiliate Arcade Music Italy. Then in 2000 Paolo joined Roadrunner Records when the hard rock label took over the Arcade group. Subsequent to the closure of the Italian office, Roadrunner appointed him VP of International at their European headquarters outside Amsterdam, The Netherlands. At Roadrunner, Paolo spearheaded the label’s international development and was instrumental in breaking Canadian multi-platinum act Nickelback outside of North America. After a short time back in Italy as the GM of Universal domestic, in 2006 Paolo joined Nickelback’s management team Union Entertainment Group as their head of International, a position that he continues to hold. In 2010, Paolo founded international marketing and promotion services company International Solutions for which he serves as Chief International Officer. In 2013, International Solutions began providing label services for Loud & Proud Records where Paolo, along with International Project Manager Lauren Schuller, heads up the label’s international team outside of North America.

Karen Long – Director of Finance and Administration

Karen Long, Director of Finance and Administration at Loud & Proud Records, has a long history of working with Tom Lipsky at his previous ventures, having held the same role at both CMC International and Sanctuary Records.

From 1997 to 2007, Long was responsible for the financial reporting, accounts payable and forecasting for Lipsky’s previous labels. She was also a key member of the team as she handled office management, human resources and payroll processing. Her expertise and skills in accounting systems and financial management along with her unique experience working alongside Lipsky for a decade makes her an invaluable addition to the Loud & Proud team.

Long’s responsibilities at Loud & Proud include preparation and analysis of all aspects related to financial statements, generation and analysis of sales reports, marketing and sales forecasting, inventory control and budgeting. Like at CMC and Sanctuary, Long is also responsible for operations, office management and planning for and advising on the growth and expansion of the latest incarnation of Loud & Proud Records.

Julie Lichtenstein – Publicity & PR

Julie Lichtenstein has spent the last twenty years at top record labels and PR companies in New York City handling press campaigns for some of the best up and coming artists as well as the more established artists in the music industry today. Lichtenstein began her career A&M Records / PolyGram working with such artists as Jonny Lang, Blues Traveler and more. Over the years that followed she worked for the Interscope / Geffen / A&M Records family at Universal, Chris Blackwell’s record label Palm Pictures and Virgin Records / EMI for several years where she spearheaded campaigns for such artists as 30 Seconds To Mars, Gomez, Tristan Prettyman and The Thrills among others. After Virgin Records, Lichtenstein changed course to better hone her PR skills joining the iconic Village Voice newspaper as their PR Director. She then moved to Sunshine Sachs & Associates to helm projects such as The New York Comedy Festival, overseeing all aspects of the organization and coordination of Feeding America’s “Rock A Little, Feed A Lot” star studded concert event which raised millions of dollars for the charity. She also worked with Grammy-award winning musical artist and activist Wyclef Jean and his Yelé Haiti organization which brought her to Haiti where she handled press for their visit with Bill Clinton and Ban Ki-Moon after the terrible hurricanes hit the region in 2010. Wanting to return to music, Lichtenstein joined Roadrunner Records where she handled campaigns for such artists as Young The Giant, Nickelback and Lynyrd Skynyrd among others. In 2012, Lichtenstein moved to Wind-up Records to head their publicity department and their entire roster of artists including Grammy-Award nominated Five For Fighting, Filter, Scott Stapp and Jillette Johnson among others. In 2014, Lichtenstein formed 37-Media to afford her the opportunity to independently work with artists that she loves while also handling numerous marketing and PR initiatives for Loud & Proud Records.

Katy Krassner – Social Media Management

Katy Krassner held the VP of Publicity title at Sanctuary Records Group where she led press campaigns for Robert Plant, KISS, John Mellencamp, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Morrissey, Tegan & Sara and Earth, Wind & Fire to name just a few. Katy is also a published author and successful entertainment-based writer. She made a mid-career transition to digital media focusing on social media management, and she now manages Duran Duran’s social media. Helping guide entertainment brands and artists through the sometimes murky waters of social media, Katy has found her niche. With a genuine understanding of social media as a tool to create personal relationships with fans, Katy enjoys developing the community of Loud & Proud Records online.

Amy Lipsky – Director of Artist Development

Amy Lipsky

Amy knew from an early age that she wanted to pursue a career in the music industry, always having felt a deep connection to artists and their stories told through song. She graduated from Nashville’s Belmont University with a degree in Music Business, where she gained internship experience in marketing, promotion, and recording companies. She joined Thirty Tigers Management after finishing college, and then Sacks & Company Media Relations. Amy has a innate, genuine understanding of the roles that management, record labels, and services companies play in the career of an artist. She recently made the move back to her hometown to work in Loud & Proud Records’ Raleigh, NC office.

Lisa Cohen – Production

Lisa Cohen - Loud & Proud Records

A twenty year music business veteran, Lisa Cohen began her career at independent label Warlock Records, and worked her way up to the Director of Sales and Marketing. She then joined Sony Music, working between Sony and RED Distribution over the course of the following ten years. As Sr. Director of Production and Inventory at RED, she did it all – negotiated manufacturing costs, dealt with daily warehouse operations, oversaw billing and reporting and handled the production for more than forty RED-distributed labels, including Loud & Proud Records. She now enjoys being back on the label side of the table and working as production consultant for Loud & Proud.

Rod Kukla – A&R

Rod KuklaRod S. Kukla has been a member of the A&R Departments at American Recordings, Columbia Records and Sanctuary Records. Rod began his career at Columbia Records working with Randy Jackson(American Idol) and later A&R legend, John David Kalodner (Aerosmith, Foreigner, Whitesnake). Rod subsequently was a member of mega producer Rick Rubin’s A&R team. Rod has worked with many artists and songwriters, most notably, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Beth Hart, Ratt, Jeff Steele, Sixpense None the Richer, The Union Underground, Zebrahead, Jackyl and Tesla, as well as being involved with soundtrack projects including Armageddon, Dawson’s Creek and She’s All That.

Michael Canter – Sales

Michael CanterMichael Canter has worked in the music business for over 20 years. For 14 years, he served as VP Sales for Roadrunner Records, implementing and developing sales strategies for such superstar rock acts as Nickelback, Slipknot, Lynryd Skynryd, Theory of a Deadman and many developing rock artists. Prior to Roadrunner, Michael worked for Big Beat/Atlantic Records as VP Sales, helping develop and break such diverse artists as Junior Mafia, Lil Kim and Inner Circle. He has strong relationships with all key physical and digital accounts, is able to strategize and implement programs that help retail and distribution focus on Loud & Proud artists.